Evaluation of Friesian Holstein Bulls Fertility in Lembang and Singosari Artificial Insemination Center using West Java ISIKHNAS Data

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IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science


Friesian Holstein bull (FH) is one of dairy cattle in Indonesia. It is important to increase the production of dairy cattle to meet the need for milk consumption. The way to develop is through artificial insemination (AI). This study was aimed to evaluate the FH bull fertility by calculating the percentage of first service conception rate (%FSCR) of FH bulls in Lembang and Singosari AI Center using ISIKHNAS data in West Java for the year 2017 until 2018. The data included in this study after editing consisted of AI data (n=141176) and service records as well as pregnancy diagnosis information (n=98120). The study showed that the FH bull semen spread in West Java mostly from Lembang and Singosari AI Center. The fertility rate can be grouped into high fertile (HF), and low fertile (LF) level and also divided into two groups based on the number of AI services. The %FSCR of FH bulls semen that used for AI <1000 services in Singosari 64.29% as HF level; 22.22% as LF level, while in Lembang had 74. 03% as HF; 21.15% as LF level. Then, the AI> 1000 services in Lembang had %FSCR is 61.61% as HF level; 35. 28% as LF level. While Singosari had 63.11% as HF level; 33.78% as LF level. In conclusion, the FH bulls in Lembang and Singosari AI center had the HF of the %FSCR is about 53.13 until 74.03%. It is needed the more accurate assessment through genomic analysis to get the biomarker of HF bulls as a suggestion to improve the FH breeding cattle.



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