Sensory and physicochemical characteristics of frankfurters containing lactate with antimicrobial surface treatments

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Journal of Food Science


Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) antimicrobial ingredients were applied to the surface of frankfurters with or without lactate to control the growth of listeria monocytogenes and ensure the safety of ready-to-eat meat products. The sensory and physicochemical properties of the frankfurters were evaluated. Two frankfurter formulations with no potassium lactate (KL) or 3.3% KL were prepared, and each batch was treated for 30 s with 1 of 4 dips: (1) control (saline solution), (2) acidified calcium sulfate with propionic acid (ACSP), (3) 3.3% KL, or (4) 3.4% lactic acid. Samples then were vacuum-packaged, stored at 4.5°C for 12 wk, and evaluated at 2-wk intervals. The addition of KL slightly decreased aw and percent moisture in franks. Vacuum-package purge was slightly higher in samples treated with ACSP. Descriptive attribute sensory results indicated minimal effects on the sensory properties of the frankfurters containing KL and dipped in antimicrobial solutions.



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