Preparation and characterization of amorphous alloys

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the Riso International Symposium on Metallurgy and Materials Science


One of the interests in amorphous alloys is their excellent corrosion resistance. As part of an ongoing research program in the Amorphous Alloys Research Group at Texas A&M University, the properties of various amorphous alloys have been characterized. Ni-P, Ni-Cr-P, and Ni-Mo-P alloys have been prepared by melt spinning, electrolytic deposition, or electroless deposition. The corrosion characteristics of Ni-Cr-P and the Ni-Mo-P alloys have been measured in 1N HCl and 1N H2SO4, and in 1N HCl solutions respectively at ambient temperatures by dc polarization techniques. For the Cr containing alloys, the corrosion rate decreased significantly when the Cr content exceeded 20 at% Cr (constant P content of 20 at%). The electroless Ni-Mo-P alloys were deposited on copper discs, and the corrosion characteristics of these alloys in 1N HCl were very good.

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