Dynamic modulus measurements at high temperatures in Cu-Graphite, Cu-Ta, B4C/Ti-6Al-4V and Ti3Al

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Proceedings of the Riso International Symposium on Metallurgy and Materials Science


The temperature dependence of dynamic Young's modulus (E) has been measured with the PUCOT (piezoelectric ultrasonic composite oscillator technique) at frequencies near 100 kHz and at temperatures (T) up to 1130 K for a variety of advanced materials of interest for applications in hypersonic vehicles, including good thermal conductors (a copper-based alloy and a metal matrix composite), metal matrix composites based on Ti-6Al-4V, and the intermetallic compound Ti3Al. The values of dE/dT were found to lie in the range -77 to -153 MPa/K, while the values of the normalized modulus (-(1/E)(dE/dT)) evaluated at 300 K were in the range 4 × 10-4 to 9 × 10-4 K-1. The technique and results are discussed.

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