Coating adhesion for Mg alloy ZE41A

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Magnesium Technology


Mg ZE41A is a castable alloy that is lightweight, has very good stiffness, and has applications in aircraft, particularly helicopters. Mg alloys are active metals and must be protected from corrosion to be used safely. The alloy ZE41A was tested with a green coating and compared to a chromate containing anodic coating. The coating combinations were tested in JP8, distilled water, Royco 555 aviation hydraulic fluid and Royco 787 turbine lubricating oil. The combinations were anodic coating, anodic coating plus epoxy, anodic coating plus epoxy plus primer and anodic coating plus epoxy plus primer plus top coat. A hydraulic pull-off adhesion tester was used to determine the force required. We will discuss the results and compare the adhesion values. There were substantial differences for the same coating. An Anova table is used to draw correlations between the three samples tested of each coating system.

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