Comparing the mechanical properties for an al alloy in the cast and wrought condition using the identical solid model

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ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings


Junior level mechanical engineering students' have designed, rapid prototyped, cast, and tested a link in the laboratory portion of a materials and manufacturing course. A portion of this activity was described originally in a 2005 ASEE Conference paper. The activity has been used for several years in the laboratory portion of the course and it has been very successful. However, one question that comes to mind is May we compare cast mechanical properties with those of wrought properties for similar alloys. During lecture, comparisons of wrought and cast properties are frequently made, and it is shown that ratio of wrought to cast properties is frequently greater than one. To date, the direct comparison has not been done in this course. Using the student designed solid models, it is possible to directly make a rapid prototype part that can be used for the mold in a casting process, and that same model may be used in a CNC machine to make a similar part. Alloy 6061 was used to make the cast links and a section from the five inch diameter ingot will be used to make the CNC produced link. Mechanical properties will be measured using a universal testing machine. The results will be compared, and student interpretation of the results will be evaluated. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2009.

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