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During the 18th century, the puna had to flee their land, under pressure from the Fang, and settled in the south and southwest of Gabon. In this case, the craftsman chose to incorporate the classic symbol to top a utilitarian object, a village bellows used for a blacksmith forge. This once again demonstrates the ability of African carvers to turn everyday objects into functioning works of art. The Senufo Figurative wooden bellows are completely functional after iron pipes are added into the two open holes located at the lower ends.

Culture and Traditions

The Senufo people live in West Africa. Senufo people, also known as Siena, Senefo, Sene, Senoufo, and Syénambélé, are a West African ethnolinguistic group. The Senufo speak about nine major dialects within Senari, their common language, dividing the people into different language groups.

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